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Stephen Colbert Wins Season Ratings Battle, Thanks to DVRs
The ratings spread between CBS’s late night show and NBC’s is marginal. But that gap is expected to widen, by about a million, once delayed data is collected.... More >>

OPEC, Fighting Market Forces, Extends Production Cuts
Although the cuts had bolstered prices, major industry trends already underway could mute their impact.... More >>

Google’s A.I. Program Rattles Chinese Go Master as It Wins Match
A Google program called AlphaGo won a best-of-three match against a Chinese Go master, rattling his nerves and showing the power of new artificial intelligence technologies.... More >>

China’s Addiction to Debt Now Threatens Its Growth
A major credit rating agency sounded the alarm on Wednesday, saying the steady buildup of debt would erode China’s financial strength.... More >>

Fed Sounds Cautious Note but Doesn’t Deter Forecast of Rate Increase
According to the minutes of the Fed’s May meeting, officials said they wanted to see signs of stronger growth. But investors still increased their bets on a June rate hike.... More >>

Your Money: When Colleges Dangle Money to Lure Students Who Ignored Them
There is a May 1 deadline for students to choose a college and place a deposit, but increasingly, the negotiations continue well beyond that.... More >>

Where Nestlé Guzzles Water, Locals Doubt Claims of Negligible Impact
Bottling operations can draw 130 million gallons a year from one site at almost no cost to Nestlé. Its application to pump even more has opened a political fight.... More >>

Insider-Trading Case Ensnares Hedge Fund
Prosecutors say an employee of a Washington consulting firm obtained information about policy decisions at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.... More >>

Fox News Pushes Back Against Claim It Tried to Silence Ex-Host
The network said Andrea Tantaros’s lawyer did not properly vet facts in accusing it of using fake Twitter accounts to torment her in retaliation for a sexual harassment complaint.... More >>

Ken Kurson Steps Down as Editor of the Observer
Mr. Kurson, a friend of Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law, is joining a firm founded by two former aides to Bill Clinton.... More >>

It’s Complicated, Trump Group Says of Donating Profit From Foreign Officials
The company told Congress it was all but impossible to identify every foreign government official who walked through the doors of its hotels.... More >>

G.O.P. Health Bill Would Leave 23 Million More Uninsured in a Decade, C.B.O. Says
The budget office’s report also found that the bill would reduce federal deficits by $119 billion over a decade, less than the $150 billion in savings projected for an earlier version of the bill.... More >>

Unity Technologies, Whose Engine Is Behind Pokémon Go, Agrees to Funding
If a new investment round closes, it could bring Unity, which makes software at the heart of video games, $400 million and value it at about $2.6 billion.... More >>

Trump Adds Another Chinese Trademark to His Portfolio

The president’s trove of trademarks in China and elsewhere have sparked criticism over potential conflicts, and run counter to his nationalistic agenda.... More >>

Uber to Repay Millions to Drivers, Who Could Be Owed Far More
The company concedes taking tens of millions in excess commissions. But records point to improper tax deductions costing drivers even more.... More >>

Brazilian Uber Rival Raises $100 Million From SoftBank
The investment in the start-up 99 comes despite recent political turmoil in Brazil.... More >>

T.S.A. Tests New Screening Procedures for Larger Electronics
The agency will require passengers at nearly a dozen airports to place electronic items larger than a cellphone in a separate bin for X-ray screening.... More >>

Mediator: Sean Hannity, a Murder and Why Fake News Endures
As the case of the Seth Rich murder shows, uncorroborated stories will spread as long as some people want to tell them, and others want to believe.... More >>

entrepreneurship: Take a Load Off. The Robots That Fold Laundry Are Coming.
The robots Laundroid and FoldiMate will fold a load of laundry on their own — albeit rather slowly. They are coming to market soon, their makers say.... More >>

Even Harley-Davidson Can’t Resist the Tug of Overseas Factories
Lauded by President Trump as a symbol of American manufacturing, the company hopes a new plant in Thailand will help it clear trade barriers to woo Southeast Asian buyers.... More >>

State of the Art: The Rise of the Fat Start-Up
A service called Opendoor, which will make an offer on your house sight unseen, illustrates a new breed of start-up and Silicon Valley’s ever-widening ambitions.... More >>

Bits: Daily Report: From Lean to Fat Start-Ups
Silicon Valley, which once favored enterprises that didn’t require much capital, is flush with cash, and entrepreneurs are tackling big — some would say crazy — ideas.... More >>

Critical Shopper: J. Crew: Too Ambitious to Be Basic, Too Basic to Be Luxe
How we fell out of love with a company that once showed us how to dress.... More >>

Market Value: Angry Over Zillow’s Home Prices? You Can Win a Prize by Improving Them
The overall accuracy of Zillow’s estimates has gotten better, and it’s now announcing a $1 million award to sharpen the company’s algorithm further.... More >>

Amazon Sets Up Shop in the Heart of the Publishing Industry
At physical bookstores like the new one opening in Manhattan this week, the company is drawing on its vast troves of customer data to shape the design.... More >>

Tech Fix: Reality Check: What Does, and Doesn’t, Protect Your Smartphone
Why you should buy a case for your smartphone, and maybe a screen protector, but pass on an extended warranty.... More >>

Tech Tip: In Search of the Simple Sign-In
A tool in Apple’s iOS 10 software can save you a lot of password typing to stream video, but it doesn’t work with every TV provider or app.... More >>

Tech We're Using: With a Bazaar of Gizmos and Apps, Tackling Readers’ Tech Questions
The New York Times’s Tech Tips columnist describes the arsenal of gadgets at her disposal, and her special love for iPhone.... More >>

Movers: Fed Minutes, and China’s Rating Downgrade
We’re following major developments in the markets throughout the day. Check here for the latest updates.... More >>

Economists See Little Magic in Tax Cuts to Promote Growth
President Trump’s budget hews to a longtime Republican premise, but past efforts to enlarge the pie even while slicing it have fallen short of hopes.... More >>

Trump’s Problematic Math: Budget Plan Adds Growth, but Doesn’t Subtract Cost
The White House is projecting faster growth as a consequence of tax cuts. But it does not project the cost of those tax cuts, that is, the loss in tax revenue.... More >>

Despite Security, Concerts Provide ‘Target-Rich’ Environments
Security consultants and music promoters look ahead to what measures can be taken after the Ariana Grande concert attack.... More >>

Feature: Jared Kushner’s Other Real Estate Empire
Baltimore-area renters complain about a property owner they say is neglectful and litigious. Few know their landlord is the president’s son-in-law.... More >>

Square Feet: Transit Hubs: A Growing Lure for Developers
Young workers who prefer to walk or take the train are pushing up property values and reshaping developers’ plans.... More >>

Jacque Fresco, Futurist Who Envisioned a Society Without Money, Dies at 101
A self-taught industrial designer, Mr. Fresco promoted an alternative society where resources would be distributed equitably by computers.... More >>

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