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Common Sense: ‘Mustang Means Freedom’: Why Ford Is Saving an American Icon
Ford is phasing out its passenger cars, except one: the Mustang. The car may be only modestly profitable for Ford, but it has deep emotional power.... More >>

Emergency Braking Was Disabled When Self-Driving Uber Killed Woman, Report Says
A computer system failure and an inattentive safety driver kept the vehicle from stopping before killing a woman in Arizona in March, the National Transportation Safety Board said.... More >>

Apple, Spurned by Others, Signs Deal With Volkswagen for Driverless Cars
BMW and Mercedes-Benz rebuffed Apple’s overtures for a self-driving car partnership, according to people familiar with the talks.... More >>

New Privacy Law Makes Europe World’s Leading Tech Watchdog
The European Union on Friday puts the world’s toughest data privacy rules into effect. The regulations are set to have an outsize impact far beyond Europe.... More >>

Facebook and Twitter Plan New Ways to Regulate Political Ads
Facebook said it would add a “paid for” label and give information on costs and target audiences. Twitter’s changes include restrictions on who can run the ads and rules for campaign accounts.... More >>

Why Is Elon Musk Attacking the Media? We Explain. (Also, Give Us a Good Rating!)
Mr. Musk and his company, Tesla, have had a rough couple of months resulting in several negative stories in the media. On Wednesday he vented on Twitter.... More >>

E.U. Settles With Russia’s Gazprom Over Antitrust Charges
The settlement could mark the end of a long legal tangle. But countries that have long been squeezed by the energy company complained that it should have been fined.... More >>

Massachusetts Gains Foothold in Offshore Wind Power, Long Ignored in U.S.
The wind farms have increasingly become mainstream sources of power in Northern Europe, but the United States has largely not pursued the technology.... More >>

Trump’s Blocking of Twitter Users Is Unconstitutional, Judge Says
A federal judge in Manhattan ruled on Wednesday that President Trump’s practice of blocking Twitter users who criticize him is unconstitutional.... More >>

Deutsche Bank to Cut 7,000 Jobs
The announcement is the latest sign of the lender’s curtailed ambition, and comes about a month after it said it would shrink its operations in the United States and Asia.... More >>

Emerging Markets Are Worrying Investors, Again
Argentina and now Turkey have been forced to raise interest rates to defend their currencies from growing pressure on emerging markets.... More >>

Tech Fix: Getting a Flood of G.D.P.R.-Related Privacy Policy Updates? Read Them
To comply with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation, which goes into effect on May 25, internet companies have been updating their data policies. Here’s how you can benefit.... More >>

Elon Musk Declares War on the Media: DealBook Briefing
Following harsh reviews of Tesla’s Model 3, the C.E.O. says that he has a plan to clean up what he sees as a biased industry.... More >>

Wall Street Dips After Trump Cancels North Korea Summit; Netflix Gains
U.S. stocks ended down slightly on Thursday after President Donald Trump canceled a planned summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un and threatened to impose tariffs on auto imports, though losses were limited by gains in Netflix and General Electric.... More >>

Ireland’s Abortion Vote Becomes a Test for Facebook and Google
Facebook and Google took steps to prevent foreign online influence in Ireland’s abortion referendum on Friday. Here’s how those efforts are working out.... More >>

Woman Says She Was Bullied, Bound and Gagged at Work in Scotland
A fisheries inspector brought a claim of workplace harassment against the Scottish government, alleging years of racism, sexism and bullying.... More >>

Jury Awards Apple $539 Million in Samsung Patent Case
The rivals have been in court over patents since 2011, when Apple filed a lawsuit alleging that Samsung’s smartphones and tablets copied its products.... More >>

Inventing New Ways to Solve Old Problems
Creating businesses that not only help people, but also help people open their eyes.... More >>

Galinhos Journal: ‘This Noise That Never Stops’: Wind Farms Come to Brazil’s Atlantic Coast
In Brazil, the world’s eighth-largest producer of wind power, the wind industry brings both benefits and disappointment.... More >>

Canada Blocks Chinese Takeover on Security Concerns
The move comes as United States and European leaders grow increasingly skeptical of Chinese deals, often citing concerns about national security.... More >>

Blocked by Trump: Twitter Users Sound Off on Being Barred
“What he’s done is create an echo chamber,” said one user who was blocked for suggesting that President Trump had a crush on Hillary Clinton.... More >>

States Are Pushing to Keep Federal Regulation Out of Sports Gambling
Major sports leagues want the federal government involved in overseeing legalized sports betting, but states say that would be an infringement on their rights.... More >>

A Bid to Increase Gun Exports, Stalled After Sandy Hook, Moves Ahead
The Trump administration is pushing a rule, first proposed under President Obama, to transfer and streamline oversight of commercial firearms exports.... More >>

Trump Initiates Trade Inquiry That Could Lead to Tariffs on Foreign Cars
President Trump has instructed the commerce secretary to investigate whether imported autos pose a threat to national security, a move that could further strain relations with global allies.... More >>

How to Apply for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Fix-It Fund
The Education Department just explained how the “temporarily expanded” program for student loans will work, using $350 million that Congress set aside.... More >>

Turkey’s Currency Plunges, Potentially Threatening Erdogan’s Re-election Bid
The president called early elections hoping to get out ahead of economic troubles, but the lira’s dive caught up with him before the June vote.... More >>

Regulator Urges Banks to Compete With Payday Lenders
A federal regulator that once chased banks out of the market for small, emergency loans wants them to get back in.... More >>

The Trouble With the Memphis Airport: No Crowds
The spacious terminal built for when the Tennessee city was a bustling air travel hub has become a half-deserted white elephant that the airport is spending millions to shrink.... More >>

Leslie Moonves and Shari Redstone Dig In for a Long Legal War at CBS
In an effort to ward off a merger with Viacom, the network amended its lawsuit against its parent company. Now it falls to a judge to break the deadlock.... More >>

Fed Minutes Suggest Few Worries of Economy Overheating
The Federal Reserve released minutes from its May meeting on Wednesday. The minutes indicate officials are more worried about inflation falling below 2 percent than overheating.... More >>

Skin Deep: How to Cure the Makeup Counter Blues
As the popularity of online beauty shopping continues to grow, the traditional department store makeup counter is getting a new look.... More >>

Tech We’re Using: Metrics Are Everywhere in Media. Here’s How They Help.
Kathy Zhang, a newsroom and product analytics manager at The Times, discusses how analytics tools help her better serve readers.... More >>

What’s Behind Comcast’s Fox Announcement: DealBook Briefing
The cable giant’s acknowledgment that it is prepping a bid for Fox appears intended to drive a wedge between Fox’s shareholders and the Murdochs.... More >>

Macron Vowed to Make France a ‘Start-Up Nation.’ Is It Getting There?
France has quickly become one of the hottest destinations in Europe for technology investment, but it faces big challenges in its mission to become a leader.... More >>

In Michael Cohen’s Rolodex, an Investor Tied to Russia Saw Pay Dirt
A financier linked to a Russian oligarch gave Mr. Cohen a $1 million contract, seeking contacts and advice. The deals went nowhere, but the two men grew close in business and political fund-raising.... More >>

Three Reporters Are Turned Away From an E.P.A. Event
The rocky tenure of the E.P.A. chief Scott Pruitt continues. The Associated Press reports that its correspondent was “shoved out of the building by a security guard.”... More >>

Ex-Valeant Executive Is Convicted of Bilking Drugmaker in Kickback Scheme
A federal jury in Manhattan found Gary Tanner, the former Valeant executive, and Andrew Davenport, the onetime head of the mail-order pharmacy Philidor, guilty of an illicit secret deal.... More >>

Next Stop, Summer: A Day Aboard a Mister Softee Truck
Heli Vasquez knows his ice cream by taste, temperature and tradition, having driven a truck around New York City for 31 years.... More >>

Trump Denies Reaching Deal With China on ZTE
The president said that there had been no agreement to provide relief to the Chinese telecom firm in return for trade concessions, though he left the door open to a future pact.... More >>

Economic Scene: Whites’ Unease Shadows the Politics of a More Diverse America
As the country heads for a time when no group makes up a majority, the change may affect white attitudes in far more than racial and economic matters.... More >>

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Gets an Earful From the E.U.
The chief executive had initially resisted meeting with European authorities, who have emerged as the world’s most assertive watchdog of the technology industry.... More >>

Congress Approves First Big Dodd-Frank Rollback
The bipartisan legislation will now head to President Trump, leaving fewer than 10 big banks subject to stricter post-crisis oversight.... More >>

That Summer Food-Stand Job Is No Longer Just for Teenagers
What used to be an adolescent rite of passage is now an opportunity for foreign workers — and a challenge for employers who can’t find enough help.... More >>

London Journal: The Red Phone Box, a British Icon, Stages a Comeback
Once unwanted relics, the booths are being retooled in imaginative ways, including as cellphone repair shops, tiny cafes and defibrillator sites.... More >>

China Cuts Car Tariffs, in a Small Offering to the U.S. on Trade
The moves are likely to change little for the auto industry, though Chinese factories and German firms could benefit from slashing tariffs on parts.... More >>

How Dodd-Frank Rollback Bill Could Come Back to Haunt Us: DealBook Briefing
Congress passed legislation that frees banks from a variety of regulations that were imposed after the financial crisis of 2008.... More >>

Sketch Guy: A 4-Step Guide to Ranting Productively
Sometimes, you have a physical need to cut loose. Tell it like it is. Yell. Scream. So be it. Maybe what you really need, though, is a ranting buddy.... More >>

Want to See Your Baby? In China, It Can Cost You
A hospital demanded that a woman pay her bills before she could see her newborn twins, illustrating a plight that many face in the Chinese medical system.... More >>

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